Bloom Building


Over the last decade the Wirral has become a hotbed of some of the hottest alternative talents to wash up on these muddy shores. From dream pop through to introspective singer-songwriters, perhaps two names that have championed wool music more than any other are War Room and Eggy Records.

Catching the attention of everyone from Domino to the NME, these two bedroom start-ups having squandered every penny not spent on rollies and tins into promoting the peninsula’s finest artists, inhabiting red light studios, dingy five bars and whoever will take them.

For the first (and what may be the last time) ever, the two will be spinning some of their favourites, spanning from 70s deadbeat disco through to Nigerian funk – with some very special guests thrown in along the way. Bringing the leisure to the peninsula, expect the weird, wonderful and downright bizarre in a round up of everything it is to be a bad wool.


  • When: Friday
  • Where: Bloom Building