Bloom Building


Laurie Shaw was born in Wirral in 1994 but has lived in Cork for the last 14 years, where he writes and records. He has amassed over 60 albums, all crafted in his bedroom at his parents’ house. In 2018 he released four full-length LPs, including the superlative ‘Weird Weekends’ on the Black Leather Soul Music imprint.

His music is an eclectic mix of alternative rock, disco, folk, soul, 60s pop and glam rock, with lyrics drawing inspiration from Northern wordsmiths such as Jake Thackray, Jarvis Cocker and Morrissey. Shaw deals with small town life, nostalgia and existential questions. Live, he is backed by his All-Star band The Magic Flutes.

  • When: Saturday
  • Where: Bloom Building