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Self Esteem, BABii

02.04 PLUS
Self Esteem, BABii Featuring
  • Self Esteem
  • BABii
Plus Performances from:
  • Zuzu
  • Beija Flo

We’re delighted to be able to present this bill of vital, exciting artists who represent some of the most interesting aspects of contemporary pop, rock and electronica. This event is part of an opening weekend of events that perfectly embody the forward-thinking spirit of our new Future Yard venue.

Self Esteem is the new-yet-not-new project of Rebecca Taylor, a songwriter, vocalist and pop alchemist of the highest order. Since her musical divergence from Slow Club, Taylor has revelled in unleashing a whole version of herself with no compromises – which resulted in the critically acclaimed album Compliments Please, released in 2019.

BABii is an artist who specialises in incredibly forward-thinking, electro-tinged pop/R&B which features skittering beats and thick, layered synths – and has been particularly active during the lockdown period.

Zuzu‘s hook-centric indie rock assimilates the noisy spirit, tunefulness and swagger of the Britpop and Merseybeat of Liverpool. A self-professed fan of many hometown musical heroes, Zuzu is one of the powerhouses of an emerging new scene that spreads across Merseyside, taking the world by the horns and doing things her own way.

From a lovely room in a horrible house somewhere between Watford gap and the Land of Oz, Beija Flo is a calm kind of frenzy, fashioning songs for doomed lovers and ‘don’t know why’s. She is undoubtedly one of our favourite artists, who will thrill you and send chills down your spine in the same sentence.


Self Esteem is Rebecca Lucy Taylor, and a project which began with painting and prints and video alongside her day job writing and performing as one half of Slow Club. Since her musical divergence from the band, Rebecca has revelled in unleashing a whole version of herself with no compromises, no reducing herself, no hesitating. She would go on to write the songs that had been rising up inside her all through the years — big songs, that spoke of love and sex and chaos, that brought in huge basslines, gospel choirs, the kind of polished, provocative production she admired on the biggest pop records.
Compliments Please, the 2019 debut album released on Fiction, saw Rebecca working with songwriter and producer Johan Karlberg, seeking him out because she loved his band, The Very Best, as well as his approach to production. Guardian Music praised the record for it “sly, covetous pop”.

BABii produces incredibly forward-thinking electro-tinged pop/R&B which features skittering beats and incredibly thick, layered synths with heavy bass with a semi industrial feel to them. The lyrics are dark, yet the vocals are sweet and despite its incredible pop hooks, the whole LP drips with a sentiment of loss and abandonment. BABii wowed SXSW this year playing 7 shows in 5 days, being compared to everyone from Grimes to FKA Twigs and while those comparisons give you a jumping off point, they also feel lazy as BABii definitely inhabits her own unique world.
“This is a very smart record, and one that bears repeated listening. The emotional maturity and frank lyricism shine through the electronic sounds and idiosyncrasy of her style.” – The Quietus


Future Yard presents
Self Esteem
+ BABii
2nd April 2021
75 Argyle Street

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