Bloom Building


The Acouse overflow that coughed up and spat out SPILT at the end of the River Mersey. And it was this environment that infected their sound which comes across as dirty and physically damaging as the chemical toxic power plants they grew up around. Their music encompasses spiralling psych-esque solos to a hard and fast paranoid noise combined with the incendiary raw vocals of charismatic frontman Mo Molyneux. The messages behind their songs range from coded political messages to a blunt and in your face directness addressing just what it’s like to be young and fucked up.

The trio produce a sound full of unhinged intensity layered with a heavy hitting drum backbone, critical riffs, distortion and delays with pounding bass lines filtered through effects which will expand your head and blow it clean off!! Their sound is as chaotic and intimidating as they are on stage, and they leave audiences mesmerised by their headbanging drummer, thundering bassist and deranged front-man spinning, spitting and stripping out of jumpsuits.

  • When: Friday
  • Where: Bloom Building