Big Lad | Future Yard

This November, Future Yard opens our doors to Big Lad. Constructed from the brains and limbs of Wayne Adams and Henri Grimes, this two-piece operates outside any genre restrictions, and instead are better served by their actions, with live shows that constantly exploit the lines between inconsistent biology and technological perfection in a circular mess of wires, bodies and drums. This is something that should be witnessed in the flesh.
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Officially forming in 2015, 2018 saw Big Lad extend the euphoria of their live show by releasing the album Pro Rock, using primal energy as an antidote against the jargonistic culture of our present. But after a year away from the heat of the stage lights, 2021 sees the triumphant return of the duo, announcing a brand new LP titled Power Tools. It’s a collection that sits as an unashamed monument, chiselled and stripped back to present the raw strength of what Big Lad has become. The results range from more familiar high octane tracks that nod to history of the rave community, to more brooding moments that appear (and vanish) like the ghosts of warehouses long since vacated.

Future Yard presents
Big Lad
30th November 2021
7pm doors
75 Argyle Street