Divinity: Birkendread Edition | Future Yard

Birkenhead’s monthly rave returns to kick-off the spooky season by celebrating the Messyside sound! Expect a multi-genre night ranging from the hardest hardcore to jungle breakbeats, bouncing wub’s and acid squelch, where you can lose yourself in the psychedelic rush of Future Yard’s immersive light show and the best soundsystem on the peninsula. Live guests, DJ’s, dancers and performers. God Loves Birkenhead! There is only Divinity!

October’s line-up includes:

Isocore (live)

Sound Of Drowning (DJ)

Caroline The DJ

DJ Wide4Five

Zee Davine (DJ)

Divinity: Birkendread Edition

Future Yard presents
Divinity: Birkendread Edition
8th October
75 Argyle Street
Doors 8pm till late