J. Zunz | Future Yard

We’re massively excited to be welcoming the formidable talent that is J. Zunz to Future Yard this autumn. Releasing her LP Hibiscus on Rocket Recordings in 202o, J. Zunz (Loren Quintanilla) marked her evolution from longtime collaborative project Lorelle Meets The Obsolete with minimal electronics, hypnotic repetition and compelling trance states. Made for darkened club spaces where the bass swells and fuzz throbs can resonate, J. Zunz’s music will find a perfect home in our live room.
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Since the turn of the decade, Lorena Quintanilla has made a name for herself as one half (guitarist/vocalist) of Guadalajara, Mexico’s Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, an incredible psych and shoegaze band with a reputation for exceptional live shows and a catalogue of equally impressive albums to match. Her solo project, J. Zunz, shimmers within a thick atmosphere of an experimental post-punk sound; Quintanilla uses wonky synths and creates haunting melodies that shine through cold repetitions.

After the hypnotic debut album Silente, released via Monofonus Press, the new album Hibiscus (released by Rocket Recordings in 2020, and on limited cassette tape by Commando Vanessa) is the result of a metamorphic process whereby the minimal is rendered maximal and the personal fused with the political. The initial vision for J. Zunz was for Lorena to strip her approach down to the basics: “I remember I was reading a biography of John Cage and that book detonated something in me. The author was referring to the influence of Buddhism and meditation, and modern artists like Sonia Delaunay, Lucio Fontana, Julio Le Parc, futurism. I was very charged with ideas.”

"Both the approach and the resulting tapestry here are Lorena’s and hers alone" - Circuit Sweet
J. Zunz

Future Yard presents
J. Zunz
26th November 2021
75 Argyle Street
Doors 7pm