MOSH THE PAIN AWAY | Future Yard | Future Yard

Join us at Future Yard on Sunday 21st April and Mosh The Pain Away.

Mosh the Pain Away includes a collection of local and out-of-town bands with a focus on female and queer-fronted artists for an evening of letting loose with a community of likeminded people. You can also find our mini market of alternative independent vendors where you can treat yourself to some goodies and support some local businesses. Enjoy the music, peruse the market and fuel up with some delicious vegan food from our in house kitchen and brand new pizza oven. See you there!

Noah and the Loners headline, playing along with Taurine, Dead Animals, Victim Unit and Slutch.

Tickets on sale now.


For Noah and the Loners, punk is not just a label, but a state of being. The band, who are one of the latest signees to Marshall Records, have been developing a reputation for their barrage of two-minute freak-outs, in which they vent every frustration, be it political or personal, and bring a refreshing new voice to the genre. “I don’t see the point of writing a song if you’re not saying anything’, says frontman Noah Lonergan (he/him) ‘and I don’t think we’d be the band we are if the music wasn’t so personal”.Formed of Lonergan, Amber Welsh, Joseph Boyle and Noah Riley, the teens have spent the past two years chipping away at making their music a true reflection of themselves, and in the process becoming one of the most exciting new bands in punk!!!

Taurine are a heavy, energetic, queer fronted emerging force in the Manchester music scene. Their new 4-piece line-up is already proving to add a different feeling to their highly energetic performances, adding not only extra chaos on small stages across the Northwest, but also a much more dynamic live sound whilst allowing for a more performative lyrical show. Hitting on topics such as politics, gender identity and the patriarchy, their music has a strong emphasis on the importance of togetherness and freedom of expression, conveying a sentiment that anyone in a similar position can identify with; disillusionment at modern life and sense of freedom


Spearheaded by high priestess Ruby Roadkill, Dead Animals is a Liverpool based EBM and industrial project. Combining the aesthetics and practices of ceremonial magick with DIY punk sensibilities, Roadkill and her chosen family of collaborators celebrate queer pride and hedonism through their theatrical performances.



Slutch are the new young punks taking the scene by storm. Playing garage grunge punk, this Wigan based band is sure to put on a lively show.



Liverpool based, cyber-grind queercore duo ‘Victim Unit’s amalgamation of harsh primal noise and disturbingly fierce riffs will leave you breathless and questioning how this sound can come from two gays and a drum machine. Their ethos is building a space for queer folx, SA survivors and people afflicted with mental health to collectively and safely come together to grieve our traumas and celebrate our identities.