Moshi Moshi 0800 | Future Yard

We’re delighted to be hosting a showcase of brand new alt-pop stars at the start of 2022, in partnership with the 0800-MOSHI-MOSHI imprint. Speedboat, Vanity Fairy, Nu Garcon and all cats are beautiful all released debut EPs earlier in 2021 – and after playing a triumphant showcase gig at The Waiting Room in London in the autumn all four bands are ready to bring their music to our audience here in Birkenhead. See below for details on each of the artists.

0800-MOSHI-MOSHI was set up in 2020 in response to the unforeseen extra studio time suddenly gifted to musicians during the Covid-19 lockdown, artists who would normally be out playing live shows and selling their wares. The 0800 project, from venerable indue label Moshi Moshi Records, wanted to help the artists they work with to get music out as fast as possible and to as many people as possible via releasing music quickly and digitally. All the income from the sales via Bandcamp end up in the artists’ pockets.

Tickets on sale now.

Moshi Moshi 0800

0800-Moshi-Moshi presents
0800 Tour
Nu Garcon
Vanity Fairy
All Cats Are Beautiful
Tuesday 25th January 2022
75 Argyle Street
Doors 7pm

Tickets available online in advance or on the door. Future Yard is a cashless venue – all payments are taken by contactless or chip and pin. Live curfew 11pm.
If you have any specific access requests, please read all of the details about accessibility at Future Yard here.


Band members Tony Onuchukwu and Bruno Burton met in school in Canterbury and have circled each other since, admiring each other’s work even as life circumstances took them to Prague and London respectively.

Now finally reunited as Nu Garcon they have produced a slinky, bright but not over-polished EP – Only One You – that routinely pivots between the nostalgia-as-hypnagogic pop production of someone like Oneohtrix Point Never, the lo-fi crackle and hiss of DIY cult character R Stevie Moore and Madlib’s honed-in beat making. Never, though, does it allow its deftly delivered melodic hooks to sink back into the haze; Nu Garcon are an experimental pop act with the emphasis on pop.


Vanity Fairy is the creation of songwriter and vocalist Daisy Capri, a vehicle within which she can escape to a world where disco remains Queen.

New EP Love From Above lives in a space of pulsating four-on-the-floor rhythms, probing Moroder synths and ascendant sugar-sweet strings. It’s a place where Capri can be the fictitious Vanity and utilise her shimmering vocal falsetto – previously compared to everyone from Kate Bush to Barry Gibb – to set out on a path towards international pop superstardom.

“My musical tastes skew very much in favour of the 70s and 80s because I love the aesthetic of those eras” she says. “The colours, the music, the clothes. In many ways I wish I’d lived through those years. I feel like I would have fitted in better then; I enjoy imagining an alternate life where I live in those decades.”


all cats are beautiful are Elena and Kyle, “two queer best friends making dance music but for sad people”. In summer 2021 their new seven-track EP the things we made was released by 0800-Moshi-Moshi, featuring modest yet warm vocals that caress restrained production while depicting feelings of heartache and solitude. Slo-fi post-pop.

Not only is all cats are beautiful a vessel for Elena and Kyle’s friendship; proudly queer and non-binary, all cats are beautiful exist away from the heteronormative centre of the music industry. It’s an ethos based on positivity, with the hope that others in the queer community might feel inspired to start their own groups and support each other’s creativity.


After spending all their musical lives apart, siblings Johnny and Will Griffiths finally started writing together at home in 2017. Initially rejecting, and then taking inspiration from their Dad’s collection of 80s pop, indie and new wave the brothers settled on the name Speedboat as something which encapsulated their widescreen, new wave-inspired synth pop. Working from their flat the pair would swap duties on vocals, guitars, synths and keys and with the writing and recording blurred into one process they produced something surprisingly expansive and cinematic.

The Brighton-based band’s debut EP, Split The Bill, was released on 0800-Moshi-Moshi in February 2021. As fans of late 70s and early 80s movies, Speedboat often frame the themes of their songs within vivid cinema, as evidenced by first taster from the EP, bigboy123, which tells the story of a camera shop clerk who becomes infatuated with a customer through neon synth lines and shimmering reverb.

“A recurring theme is fictional romance and narratives” the band agree.