Nihiloxica | Future Yard

Nihiloxica are an Anglo-Ugandan outfit who are set to harness the full force of the ancient Bugandan drumming tradition of Uganda, and focus it on the contemporary dancefloor in their Future Yard performance this November. The cross-continental band explore the common ground between techno and tradition with their music, through which they host a thundering conversation between two cultures, all done with one common aim: to make you dance.
Tickets on sale now.

Nihiloxica’s eagerly anticpated debut album Kaloli was released in June 2020 on Crammed Discs to near-ubiquitous praise, with the 11-track collection labelled as “deliciously chaotic and ferocious urban grooves from Kampala” and Overwhelmingly original and unexpectedly grandiose“.

Already tearing apart dance floors and festivals across the world prior to the album, with a transcendental and earth-shattering live show, Kaloli‘s release proves that Nihiloxica are only just getting started.

Future Yard presents
5th November 2021
75 Argyle Street
Doors 7pm