Shabazz Palaces | Future Yard

We’re delighted to be hosting Shabazz Palaces on our stage in March. If you adhere to the corporeal limitations of space and chronology, it’s been roughly a decade since the hip-hop re-imaginer first shook the ramparts with their debut stylistic revolution, Black Up, an LP Pitchfork named as one of the Best of the 2010s, hailing it as an “album of impossible vision.” Shabazz Palaces have kept busy throughout the past decade and are back once again with yet another classic of divine mathematics design. More dazzling Afrofuturist sutras to illuminate distant constellations with sacred abstractions, their new album The Don of Diamond Dreams, is raw and uncut, but glowing with 10,000 karat shine. Experience it live with us in March.

Summing their seminal album up thusly, Pitchfork said: “Black Up is drowned in murky instrumentals and bombastic, introspective rhymes. The sounds flirt with jazz but also root themselves in a firm understanding of silence, or the sparse magic of simplicity. The songs teem with unexpected climaxes…From great mystery exploded an album of impossible vision.”

That “impossible vision” has continued to confound and engage Shabazz Palaces fans over the course of four acclaimed albums and two EPs. Each release feels like an evolution, letting the music speak for itself, while slowly revealing more about its creator.

With The Don of Diamond Dreams, that spirit remains, this time embracing modernism in hip-hop and rap. The album features the highlights “Fast Learner (ft. Purple Tape Nate),” “Chocolate Souffle,” “Bad Bitch Walking (ft. Stas THEE Boss), and “Thanking The Girls.” It also features contributions from singer/keyboardist Darrius Willrich, Seattle’s OCnotes (who collaborated with Ishmael Butler on the Knife Knights project), Los Angeles musician Carlos Overall, and bassist Evan Flory-Barnes.

Shabazz Palaces

Future Yard presents
Shabazz Palaces
Tuesday 22nd March
75 Argyle Street
Doors 7pm