Sound City Non-male DJs Workshop | Future Yard

SoundCity Conversations: Experiences Of Non-male DJs in the Live Music Industry

We’re hosting a panel and DJ workshop event with SoundCity which aims to shed light on the unique experiences of non-male DJs in the music industry. Join members of Queensway Collective, Girls Crib and Women on the Mic’s DJ Lornnah Stewart in conversation, followed by a DJ workshop delivered by Queensway. The event is free entry as part of the Sound City Conversations series, with a focus on experiences of non-female DJs in the live music industry.

Through open discussions and personal anecdotes, we’ll explore the challenges, triumphs and perspectives of non-male DJs. This event offers a safe space for sharing stories, networking and gaining valuable insights from industry professionals. Afterwards, Queensway Collective will be on hand with open decks delivering free DJ workshops for anyone wanting to try their hand at the craft.

Whether you’re an aspiring DJ, a music enthusiast or someone curious about the industry, this event promises to be an engaging and empowering experience. Come and be part of the conversation, as we work towards a more inclusive music community.

The event runs from 6.30 to 8.30pm and is free to attend. Light refreshments will be provided. Anyone interested in gaining insight into the world of DJing and EDM will find this an engaging and informative event. Future Yard is a fully accessible space and is open to everyone.

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Tash from Queensway Collective

Queensway was born in early 2022 by founder Tash Evans (AKA Luna Thee Frenchie) in Birkenhead, Merseyside. Our aim is to platform underrepresented groups within the electronic music scene. We do this by collaborating with the region’s most forward-thinking establishments and venues, which in turn enables us to offer opportunities to predominantly female, non-binary and LGBTQI+ artists.

In November 2022 Queensway officially became a Community Interest Company. This means any profit we make will be reinvested back into where it matters most- our community.

Lornnah Stewart

Lornnah’s career covers a range of different roles and achievements in the music industry including;
– Presenting the ALLFM Friday Drive-Time show
– Production for radio
– Co-founding of the former Women on the Mic project
– Live performance with a range of successful bands artists and DJ’s across the country
– Song-writing
– Range of experiences as a recording artist

Annie Nesbitt and DJ Miggs of Girls Crib

Abbie Nesbitt is part of The Girls’ Crib collective, formerly known as Women’s Wednesdays, who started back in late 2021. Their main aim is to create safe, welcoming and open spaces for women, LGBTQIA+ and non-binary individuals to enjoy themselves and express freely.

Over the past two years, their focus has broadened to platforming and supporting artists of these groups by hosting events and broadcasting on Melodic Distraction Radio. Similarly to the QueenswaY collective, they are striving for ‘diversity on the dancefloor.’

Upcoming DJ Miggs has been making waves across the North West for the best part of three years for ability to feel the crowd and keep them on their toes with her unique multi genre blends playing everything from garage, breaks and jungle, up to hard house, trance, happy hardcore and donk. Over the past two years she has made her debut at Leeds Festival, Gottwood and Baltic Weekender and has a bi-weekly radio show on Melodic Distraction. She has now turned her attention to starting her new project 9LiVES – an exploration of art and music. Her first instalment is an art and photography exhibition/rave surrounding the topic of body positivity.