SPINE x Emotion Wave | Future Yard

Electronica Showcase

For our programme for IVW 2022, we’re hyped to be bringing some of Merseyside’s finest underground noise practitioners to our stage. This show is a collaboration between events collectives SPINE and Emotion Wave, specialists in all things ambient, industrial, experimental and electronic. Live performances on the night come from Lo Five, Prison Behaviour, W.H.X.R.S. and WYWH, comprising ambient electronica, industrial rock, harsh noise and downbeat techno.

Both SPINE and Emotion Wave host their own regular nights, as well as being a home for artists who share their experimentalist values. For this show, both collectives are bringing some artists with them for a collaborative event, which will also see DJs from both groups share the decks alongside each other.

Tickets on sale now.

SPINE is an independent label and events platform based in Liverpool, specialising in experimental, noise, industrial, ambient, drone and a whole lot more. As well as hosting regular nights to showcase this music, SPINE serves as a platform for underground artists to release their music, working closely with newest outsider venue QUARRY. They have worked with noisecore outfit LONESAW, surrealist psych duo Shockchords and Prison Behaviour, among others.

Emotion Wave is a Liverpool-based platform for experimental electronic artists that has been running since 2015. Starting as informal collective based around the work and performances of Lo Five, Emotion Wave has grown into an influential platform that does releases, events, radio and “some daft stuff”. Their stable of artists is ever-evolving, and has recently released by Spirit Level, Foxen Cyn and spiritual leader Lo Five.

SPINE DJs will be joined by Emotion Wave resident Spirit Level (Harvey Brown) on a back-to-back DJ set that will run throughout the night, before, between and after all the live performances.

SPINE x Emotion Wave

Future Yard presents
SPINE x Emotion Wave
+ Lo Five
+ Prison Behaviour
+ W.H.X.R.S.
+ SPINE b2b Spirit Level DJs
Thursday 3rd February 2022
For Independent Venue Week 2022
75 Argyle Street
Doors 7pm

Tickets available online in advance or on the door. Future Yard is a cashless venue – all payments are taken by contactless or chip and pin. Live curfew 11pm.
If you have any specific access requests, please read all of the details about accessibility at Future Yard here.


SPINE x Emotion Wave

Instrumental electronic music is the specialism of Emotion Wave’s host. Lo Five’s work has matured over each subsequent release, showing a mastery of digital/analogue methods that show no joins where the organic and inorganic meet. Lo Five has graduated from self-released efforts to having recent work picked up by storied labels in the electronica field, such as Patterned Air and Castles In Space. 2017’s LP When It’s Time To Let Go was described by Simon Reynolds as “…memoradelic flashbacks…glinting chord-chimes and gauzy keyboards” in a review for The Wire.


"It’s a kind of rave-reverie made real; the cumulative sum of past experiences, both physical and audiological, condensed into an opaque, hauntingly meditative trip down an imagined lane where the second summer of love’s golden vibes reside, aged but untarnished. Vintage synths and drum machines and a recurring meditation bell summon early Orbital. Remarkable." - Carl Griffin, Electronic Sound Mag


SPINE x Emotion Wave

Prison Behaviour is the solo project of Mark Greenwood. A writer, musician and performance artist whose output has spanned three decades, Greenwood’s work is rooted in dark northern rituals.



SPINE x Emotion Wave

Core members of the SPINE family are at the heart of W.H.X.R.S, diviners of industrial noise electronica. Their performances hit deep, like a religious death march through esoteric distortions, industrial hallucinations and analogue synthesis.



SPINE x Emotion Wave

Languid rhythms woven into arresting melodies and muted vocal harmonics, WYWH is one of the arms of mercurial producer and artist Andrew Gordon Parry.