Priory Chapel & Green


Emotion Wave Showcase and Floppy Disc Release

Through their regular live events, releases and radio shows on Melodic Distraction, Emotion Wave showcase an array of sounds which span a broad spectrum of electronic music. Whether it be gems from afar or sounds from emerging local producers, it’s their highly-tuned ear for left-field electronic music that sees them plough their own glitchy furrow.

The Emotion Wave crew, led by Wirral-based producer Lo Five, have curated an exclusive showcase of some of the finest electronic local noisemakers for the inaugural Future Yard Festival. Lo Five will be joined by Polypores, Foxen Cyn, Bye Louis and luna (DJ) within the hallowed confines of Birkenhead Priory chapel – which will be transformed for a Saturday service unlike anything previous congregations have witnessed.

Emotion Wave will be marking the occasion in suitably esoteric fashion; by releasing a limited edition floppy disc compilation EP, featuring the live artists plus a selection of their favourite digital noise makers. The release – only available at Future Yard Festival – will come with a Bandcamp download code for those who don’t still run an Atari STe drive.

  • When: Saturday
  • Where: Priory Chapel & Green