Birkenhead’s history has been shaped by its people and their experiences. And this small corner of Merseyside has more than its fair share of takes to tell. At Future Yard Festival, we’ll be looking to lift the lid on some of the odder, more mysterious happenings that have helped to shape the place and people of Birkenhead today.

Join author and local historian Gavin Chappell on walking tour from Birkenhead Priory around the immediate dockside area on a journey through time.

This tongue in cheek trail will chart the rise of Birkenhead, from its medieval monastic beginnings to its industrial expansion of the nineteenth century – and beyond.

Along the way we’ll be hearing tales of tunnels and treasure, monks and pirates, ferries and shipbuilders, explorers and rebels, and possibly the only combined barbershop and pub in the world — all making their own unique contribution to the fascinating history of Birkenhead.

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