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Mosh Tots Band

Mosh Tots Band

We are looking for musicians to join the Mosh Tots Band!

MOSH TOTS is Future Yard’s new series of gigs for kids (and well behaved parents!), here to introduce kids to the rockin’ world of live music in a safe and fun environment. We believe that live music should be for everyone, no matter your age. For too long live music venues have been off limits for young children (not to mention their parents); Mosh Tots is here to flip that on its head and is an opportunity to share the joy of live music together as a family.

Mosh Tots has quickly established itself as the hottest tickets in town, playing to full houses every Sunday morning at Future Yard. Playing a mix of Disney classics, pop-bangers and a small number of originals, the show introduces children to basic musical concepts and is accompanied by lead sheets with a defined structure.

We are looking for a group of musicians to act as deputies / cover for the Mosh Tots Band; a bass player, drummer and lead vocalist who can also play guitar or piano.

The Mosh Tots Band is made up of Singsong Sally (lead vocals, guitar), Ham String (bass guitar, BVs) and Chuck Stick (drums, BVs).

We’re looking for musicians with the following experience:


  • Experienced, high energy live performer
  • Playing at a professional standard
  • Fast to learn new material
  • Available Sunday mornings (dates provided in advance)


  • Backing vocal experience
  • Comfortable sight reading lead sheets
  • Experience working with or performing for children and and/or young people

If you’re interested, fill out the short form linked below. The deadline for applications is 28th March 2022. Successful applicants will be called for a rehearsal.

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