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Music + Mental Health Survey

Music + Mental Health Survey

Music plays many roles in the lives of many different people. Whether you are a songwriter or performer, your job revolves around supporting musicians, you work in the live music industry or you attend gigs frequently – music will clearly play a pivotal part in your day to day.

Research has shown that people working in the music industry are more prone to mental health problems than the general population, with musicians being up to three times more likely to suffer from depression. Factors such as insecure income, difficulty achieving a work/life balance, pressure from fans and labels, poor diet, lack of sleep and access to alcohol and drugs can all take their toll on wellbeing and mental health. Also, while artists find solace in the production of music, working in the music industry might indeed be making musicians sick, or at least contributing to their levels of mental ill-health.

The solution for this needs to be tailored to the individual. The responses to this survey – put together by Future Yard and The Open Door Charity – will be used to obtain a broad picture of the mental health needs of those with a love of music and will enable us to understand the relationship between music and mental health. Fundamentally, it is about understanding the scale of the issue and starting to shape what a great response may look like.


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This survey forms part of a collaborative project between Future Yard and The Open Door Charity which aims to develop therapeutic services and offers which support those in our community. Ultimately, we will be creating a tool which will help musical people with their mental health. Your input will help us shape this tool and ensure that the content on it is meaningful and helpful.

We want to hear from:

  • musicians (professional and non professional)
  • those working with musicians and in live music
  • gig-going audiences

You can answer this anonymously if you wish, if that helps you answer honestly. Collective findings of this questionnaire are likely to be shared publicly, but your identity will be kept private.


Music and Mental Health survey


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