We at Future Yard are delighted to present The Leftbank Soundtrack: an audio adventure on the banks of the Mersey, featuring new commissions from Andy McCluskey (OMD), Bill Ryder-Jones, Forest Swords, She Drew The Gun, Half Man Half Biscuit and Andrew PM Hunt.

Launching on Friday 27th August, The Leftbank Soundtrack is designed as a sonic walking tour through the streets of Birkenhead, uncovering its tales of past glories, future stories and the culture that has shaped the town.

Newly commissioned compositions will be in situ at various locations, created by some of the town’s iconic musical talent. Including Andy McCluskey from OMD, Louisa Roach of She Drew the Gun, Matthew Barnes of Forest Swords, musician and composer Andrew PM Hunt, musician and producer Nigel Blackwell from Half Man Half Biscuit and singer and songwriter Bill Ryder-Jones.

The animated music walk is the result of a collaboration between music and place. Each of the artists has been twinned with a location in the town’s centre. The piece of music they have created is inspired by that place’s sounds, history, people and heritage. From the banks of the River Mersey to the imposing Ventilation Tower, the historic Priory or Argyle Street, visitors will be able to walk the route and access the new compositions at each site via their smartphone. Each composition is only available on the walk.

The project will go live on Friday 27th August, as part of our Future Now festival (27/08 – 28/08), celebrating two years since the Future Yard festival which launched our ambition to help shape a new music future for Birkenhead. Featuring live performances from special guest Gruff Rhys, Tom Ravenscroft (DJ), Nuha Ruby Ra, Yard Act as well as up-and-coming local artists like Astles, Stores and Podge. Tickets for the Future Now festival are on sale now.

No ticket is required to take part in the Leftbank Soundtrack audio tour.

Full details can found at:

Birkenhead Priory Cammell Lairds - The Leftbank Soundtrack

Craig G Pennington, Future Yard co-founder: “Birkenhead, like the whole of Wirral, has music in its DNA. We have a unique story to tell. The Leftbank Soundtrack will tell the stories of our town through the musical perspectives of some of our finest noise makers. This will be a journey of musical discovery and urban exploration, an opportunity to reimagine spaces you pass by each day and discover a whole new perspective. Grab a smartphone and, pair of headphones and let the journey begin.”

Andy McCluskey The Leftbank Soundtrack

Andy McCluskey of OMD: “It’s a fascinating and interesting concept for Birkenhead and as a Wirral boy born and bred I am delighted to be a part of the Leftbank Soundtrack. My first bass guitar was bought from Park Selling services over 45 years ago. Perhaps this is me coming full circle?”

“The Ventilation Tower is an iconic building hard against the Mersey and it’s a really exciting challenge to create a musical piece for it. I stood next to the Tower doors in early July and recorded the sound of the wind whistling through them. These recordings became my inspiration and bed track for the music. For those who are curious. The Tower whistles in the key of A.”

Louisa Roach She Drew The Gun - The Leftbank Soundtrack

Louisa Roach, She Drew The Gun: “I’m really happy to be adding a song to the Leftbank Soundtrack. Birkenhead is a big part of me, all my family are from here, it’s one of the places I spent a lot of time growing up, and I’m getting married here in September. It’s good to see some new creative things happening in the area, we’ve got a connection to Future Yard as well, being the first band that played here so it’s nice to be doing a song based around the venue.”


A full website will be launched in due course, with further details on each of the venues and artists.