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So, you love live music, festivals and concerts. You’ve been hooked on the thrill of the live experience since your very first gig or club night. But, do you know that you can actually make this your career? Do you know the huge range of jobs that the live music industry can offer?

Sound Check is a training programme from Future Yard in partnership with The Learning Foundry. And we’re very excited to bring a brand new version of the course to The Ferret, serving music lovers in the Preston/Lancashire area.

The exciting course is designed to introduce young people to the skills they need to pursue careers in the live music industry. It is open to young people aged 19+ from the Preston area who have a passion for live music. You don’t need any prior experience and it is all free to access.




From sound engineers to event managers, lighting designers to box office, this brand new programme will introduce you to the range of job roles and skills you need to make your career in the live music industry.

Based at The Ferret in Preston, Sound Check will support you to build your skills and knowledge in a real industry setting. A core programme of workshops runs alongside the opportunity to gain hands-on skills at live events, both at The Ferret and at other partner venues in the area.

The live music industry is worth £1.1bn each year to the UK economy and is exported around the world. It has been growing at 10% year on year and offers hugely fulfilling creative careers across a range of job roles.

The free to access programme focuses on two areas; Technical Production and Live Music Event Management. These are then followed by an independent group project, in which you will utilise your new skills to deliver your own live event. There will also be additional sessions outside of weekly sessions when working on live events (shadowing).

The programme is delivered by a hugely experienced team of tutors and boasts a broad range of guest speakers from across the industry.

Sound Check is free to access and is open to local people aged 19+ with a passion for live music and an interest in making it their career. No previous experience is required.

Complete the form below to apply. Deadline 22nd April (5pm).

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If you’d like to speak to a member of the team to find out more information, email us on


We’ll also be branching out to other venues in new places soon, so watch this space for more information!



Sound Check is a Skills Bootcamp course run by Future Yard in partnership with The Learning Foundry. It is free to access, and is funded by the Department for Education.

The course starts on 29th April 2024 and is 16 weeks long, made up of study sessions at The Ferret alongside real-life work experience shadowing staff at live shows. Outside of the training sessions, learners will have the opportunity to get additional hands-on experience at weekend or evening shows at other venues in the Preston/North West Lancashire area.

The programme is delivered by Future Yard and The Learning Foundry’s hugely experienced team of tutors, assisted by a broad range of guest speakers from across the industry.



Future Yard is a new kind of community venue, a 280-capacity live performance space in Birkenhead that re-imagines the role of a live music venue, providing live industry training and a regional hub for artist development. Since 2021, Future Yard has been bringing some of today’s most exciting new national and international artists to Wirral, while also providing key early performance opportunities for emerging local musicians.

We believe that through utilising the power of music, we can change our town for the better, inspiring local people, creating life-changing opportunities and shaping a new music future for Birkenhead.


The Learning Foundry are a Liverpool-based training provider, providing courses from live music to construction, dental nursing to housing management. The Learning Foundry create employability programmes that are accessible to everyone, including those who can benefit from them most. This means local businesses and local people, can reach their full potential. The Learning Foundry are part of The Regenda Group, a wider organisation of 10 businesses operating across housing and construction, care and support and education, training and careers to create a wider and more significant impact.


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What does the course cover?
A range of skills needed to lead career in live music, focused on Technical Production (live sound and lighting) and Live Music Event Management (box office, artist liaison and event management). These are done through workshops, taught classes and hands-on learning, as well as shadowing experienced professionals.

Will I be learning to play a musical instrument?
No, this is not a music performance course – it is about learning the skills and career behind live events, that make music happen.

What does a shadow shift entail?
You will be partnered with an event manager, lighting engineer or audio engineer, and you will observe them in their duties in delivering the show. You’re free to ask questions and make notes. You will also be expected to help them out with certain tasks, e.g. helping artists to load in to the venue, set up on stage, assisting during sound checks, etc. These shadowing sessions are live gigs with an audience, so you may have to shadow several times before you’re comfortable to use the sound or lighting desk. Most shows will take place at nights, so you will need to consider how you will get home after the show has finished (usually 11pm).

I’m under 19, can I take part?
Unfortunately we can only take applicants who are aged 19 and above (as of 29th April 2024) on this course. If you live in the Liverpool City Region, there is a version of the course for 16-24s.

I’m currently studying at university. Can I take part?
Yes, but priority will be shown to those who are not currently in education, employment or training.

Will I get maths and English support during the programme?
Not on this course.

Where does it take place?
The majority of the sessions take place during the daytime at The Ferret, 55 Fylde Road, Preston. Additional shadow shifts and work experience will take place in the evenings at live shows, both at The Ferret and at selected other venues in the North West Lancashire area.

Are travel costs covered?

Will I get paid?
This is not a paid course, though it is free to access and you will be guaranteed an interview by a prospective employer at the end of the course.

How do I apply?
Complete the application form, making sure to input your home postcode correctly. It only takes 5 minutes to complete.

When will I hear from you about my application?
A member of the team will get back to you within seven days of completing the form. Note: completing the application form is not a guarantee of a place on the course. Successful applicants will be notified if they have a place by 24th April.